Phronema: Search Engines For Missionaries

  • Find exactly the missions research information you require with one click,

  • Each specialized search engine uses the power of Google to search a select group of highly relevant websites

  • Created especially for missions research and information, and for locating bibles, media resources, papers on missions, and help with humanitarian projects.

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(Phronema is the Greek work for world-view or mindset)

BIBLEFINDER: Find bibles in thousands languages, including audio bibles, ancient bibles and bible study tools

CYBERMISSIONS: Information on Internet evangelism and Cybermissions

HOLISTIC MINISTRY: Christian humanitarian, aid and development search engine

MISSIONS RESEARCH SEARCH ENGINE; Statistics, maps, big ideas in missions, research papers etc.

MOBILE MINISTRY SEARCH ENGINE: Information on how to engage in Christian ministry using mobile devices

MOBILE MINISTRY MEDIA RESOURCES SEARCH ENGINE: Enables missionaries to search for suitable media for mobile ministry

ORALITY SEARCH ENGINE: Find gospel and missions resources for oral learners and on orality